The organizing committee has worked to keep the registration fee for the joint GIW/ABACBS conference as low as possible. We thank the many generous sponsors for helping to make this possible. The registration fee depends on (1) whether you are a student or not, (2) whether you are a current ABACBS member or not, and (3) whether you register by the early bird deadline or not. All fees are shown in Australian dollars.

Registration Fees (AUD)
Registration Types Early Late
Member Non-member Member Non-member
Student Symposium only (COMBINE/AYRCOB) 80 100 100 120
Conference (GIW/ABACBS) 200 300 300 400
Conference and Student Symposium (GIW/ABACBS & COMBINE/AYRCOB) 260 360 360 460
Student Symposium only (COMBINE/AYRCOB) 60 80 70 90
Conference (GIW/ABACBS) 120 160 150 200
Conference and Student Symposium (GIW/ABACBS & COMBINE/AYRCOB) 160 210 210 270

The registration system will soon be open. More information could be found on this page as they become available.