ABACBS supports multiple events each year through a variety of approaches.

The highlight of the year is the ABACBS National Conference. This aims to bring together Australian bioinformatics and computational biology researchers and professionals, showcase excellent scientific research, and bring to Australia international leaders in the field. The conference also aims to cover the craft of bioinformatics with talks on software development and testing. Since its beginning in 2015, the COMBINE Student Symposium has been held just prior to the ABACBS conference. Traditionally, the conference is followed by a number of satellite events and training courses. It was held in Sydney in 2015, Brisbane in 2016, and  Adelaide in 2017. The conference is being planned in Melbourne for 2018 and back to Sydney in 2019.

ABACBS also supports a number of regional events, including:

If you are interested in planning a regional event, please contact a member of the ABACBS Executive Committee.