Post-doctoral Research Officer / Senior Post-doctoral Research Officer @ WEHI

Employer:The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Closing date:31/10/2019

Brief position description:Overview
This position offers an opportunity to join the research group of Associate Professor Melissa Davis in the Bioinformatics Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute on a 3 year contract at either Level A or Level B, depending on experience.
The Postdoctoral Research Officer in the Davis Laboratory will undertake research projects in computational cancer biology, including the analysis multi-omics and clinical data associated with drug treatments and response to therapies. They will be expected to undertake high quality research aligned with the interests of the laboratory, and communicate this research through presentations and the production of manuscripts. They will have the opportunity to undertake student supervision, and will participate in the preparation of funding applications related to their research.

Key responsibilities
• Analysis and integration of multi-omics data associated with responses to drugs in cell lines and other models of disease
• Identify opportunities for innovative research and develop and drive novel work aligned with the interests of the group
• Undertake collaborative research projects to study plasticity and cellular differentiation programs in breast cancer to study progression and metastasis
• Prepare reports and communicate effectively with collaborators project stakeholders
• Work effectively with other lab members on joint projects.
• Prepare manuscripts for publication in refereed journals.
• Present research findings in seminars and at national and international conferences.
• Participate in the management and supervision of RHD students

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Contact name:Melissa Davis