Bioinformatics Research Technician @ WEHI

Employer:Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Closing date:17/09/2019

Brief position description:The appointee will join the WEHI Genomics and Single Cell Open Research Endeavour (SCORE) teams and be part of the WEHI Genomics Hub (WGH).
The appointee will be undertake bioinformatic analyses of genomic sequencing data, especially from single cell technologies, using the R programming environment and other tools.
They will also provide software pipeline support for sequencing data generation.

The WGH provides access to several next generation sequencing
platforms (illumina, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore) as well as single cell capture platforms (10X Chromium, CEL-Seq2, Fluidigm C1).
These teams generate next generation sequencing data for both internal and external collaborators.
The appointee will use advanced bioinformatics tools, developed at the WEHI and elsewhere, to compile and
analyse data utilising the in-house high-performance computing infrastructure.

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Contact name:Stephen Wilcox