Postdoctoral Research Fellow @ Melbourne

Employer: Institute of Vector Borne Disease - Monash University

Closing date: 27 Oct

Brief position description: The Vector and Pathogen Genomics group at the Institute of Vector-Borne disease at Monash University is looking for a skilled postdoctoral Research Fellow to investigate genomic rearrangement and mobile element insertion in Aedes aegypti and its effect on gene flow in wild populations. As well as being a fascinating aspect of genome evolution, this is also a subject of prime interest to the work of the World Mosquito Program and their global network of Wolbachia-based interventions into dengue and Zika transmission.

In our group we apply omics tools to vectors, viruses and parasites in order to better understand disease transmission and develop tools for disease surveillance and control. Specific interests of the group include population structure and speciation in mosquito vectors, pathogen diversity and relatedness, pathogen-vector interactions and genomic epidemiology.

The role would suit a computational biologist looking to work in an important field of infectious disease research, or a skilled dipteran biologist who would like to pursue a postdoc in a computational field. Researchers with previous experience in statistical / population genetics or genomic evolution in insect species are encouraged to apply.

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Contact name: Seth Redmond

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