Bioinformatician position in Sydney

Position title: Bioinformatician

Employer: The Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute (SHNCI) at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Closing date: 31st October 2018

Brief position description: The Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute (SHNCI) at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse aims to integrate both basic and clinical research to develop preventive strategies, improve cure rate, and enhance the quality of life of patients with head and neck cancer. A major aspect of our research programme is focused on understanding the role of genes and molecular and cellular processes in the development and progression of head and neck cancers.
The opportunity:
We are now seeking Bioinformatics Research Officer for a position based between the core SHNCI research team and our collaborators at the Charles Perkins Center, University of Sydney. This can be negotiated as a part time (minimum 0.6FTE) or a full time position. The position will be based at the Charles Perkins Center, University of Sydney. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with both DNA and RNA sequencing data. There are multiple opportunities to work with whole genome, transcriptome and targeted panel sequencing outputs of a variety of head and neck malignancies including skin, mucosal and salivary gland tumours. The candidate will be supervised jointly by Prof Jean Yang and Dr. Kitty Lo and will be reporting directly to Professor Jonathan Clark, Associate Professor Ruta Gupta and Dr Bruce Ashford.
Essential duties:
• Working/developing research grade head and neck cancer genomic analysis pipelines
• Work within a team environment to undertake translational research in head and neck cancer with an emphasis on developing biological insights that are relevant to patient outcome.
• Staying abreast on advances in genomics and/or next generation sequencing technology in general, maintaining knowledge on precision medicine
• Develop and maintain software packages of developed methods as well as maintenance of related webpages.
• Day-to-day support and training of PhD students as required.
• Input into manuscript design, development and editing of studies based on sequencing data analysis.
This position is a key role within our highly collaborative multidisciplinary research team. The successful candidate will be responsible for curating and analysing large volumes of genomic data from our ongoing research effort, and thereby contribute to advancing our translational research programme.
Selection Criteria:
1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics or a related area of science
2. Highly developed skills in bioinformatics and genomics. In particular, experience with low level processing or performing initial data analysis on recent platforms of omics data such as next generation sequencing (essential).
3. Superior computer programming or software development skills, a preference in R but not essential.
4. Demonstrated understanding of the incorporation into University life of the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action; and ability to work positively with staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds
5. Experience working with clinical research or medicine is desirable, but not essential
6. Good communication skills (both written and oral).
7. Ability and willingness to assist others within the team.
Apply by sending your cover letter and resume to
To find out more, please contact Dr Aniko Huizer-Pajkos on 0285140365 or
Applications close: 19th October 2018

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