Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Single Cell Transcriptomics). Singapore

Position title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Single Cell Transcriptomics)

Employer: Singapore Immunology Network (ASTAR, Singapore)

Closing date: 10/12/2018

Brief position description: Note: 3 positions available

A Bioinformatician research fellow (postdoctoral) position is available in Dr Jinmiao Chen’s Single-Cell Computational Immunology (SCCI) lab. The position will perform single-cell RNA-seq data analysis and derive knowledge from the data by applying state-of-the-art tools or developing novel computational methods. The analytical scope may include data pre-processing, quality control to remove low quality cells, normalization/batch effect correction, dimensionality reduction, clustering analysis, automatic cell type identification, cell lineage and pseuedotime inference, cell-to-cell interactions, integration of heterogeneous datasets and data types, building human single-cell atlas, and etc. The work will involve a wide range of exciting and cutting-edge research projects including human cancer immunology (ex Leukemia, Gasstric Cancer, Lung Cancer, etc), infectious diseases (ex TB, Dengue, HIV, HBV, etc), autoimmune diseases (ex SLE, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc), and fundamental research to understand immune system (ex. heterogeneity, origins and functions of dendritic cells, macrophages, T cells, B cells and etc). Where existing computational methods are not adequate to handle the data, the candidate will have the opportunity to develop novel methods under the PI’s supervision and with help from other lab members. The lab is currently focusing on developing Single-Cell Big Data & Artificial Intelligence framework and several AI analytical tools under development are to be released in near future. The candidate will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, interact with excellent scientists from multiple disciplines, and grow rapidly in both biological and computational knowledge and skills. The position will have the opportunity to publish first-authored and co-authored papers in high-impact journals and international conferences, as well as patent publication and potential commercialization of the tools to be developed. In addition, the candidate will have the opportunity to work with MNC pharmaceutical companies via industrial collaborations

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