Oral and Poster Presenter Instructions


  • There are 4 different talk formats: Invited international speaker talks; invited national speaker talks; selected long oral presentations; selected short oral presentations.

  • Invited international speakers: 50 minutes talk time; 10 minutes questions. 

  • Invited national speakers: 40 minutes talk time; 5 minutes questions.

  • Selected long oral presentations: 25 minutes talk time; 5 minutes questions. These longer format selected talks are to encourage senior researchers or postdocs to submit abstracts and to present. In some cases, a substantial body of work by a student may be appropriate.

  • Selected short oral presentations: 12 minutes talk time; 3 minutes questions.

  • All speakers are expected to keep to time! Session chairs will ruthlessly police this.

  • Powerpoint is preferred; PDF also acceptable. Other software at presenter’s own risk!

  • Aspect ratio of slides 4:3

  • Presenters may use the provided Windows laptop or their own laptop (via a VGA or HDMI interface). If using your own laptop – any set-up time will eat into your presentation time so pre-loading on the provided laptop is strongly encouraged. All presentations will be subsequently deleted.

  • If using the provided Windows PC, please bring your presentation on a USB stick. 

  • All presenters should upload and check their presentation with the AV team prior to their session.


  • Selected Oral Presentations: 12 minutes talk time; 3 minutes questions.

  • The best student presentation will be given an oral presentation slot at the ABACBS conference.


  • All posters will need to be printed in A0 portrait format i.e. (841mm width x 1189mm height). Posters printed outside of these dimensions may be unable to be presented.

  • There are two different ABACBS poster sessions: Tuesday Nov. 14th 12 – 2pm and Wednesday Nov. 15th 12 -2pm. Please check which session you are presenting in and ensure you hang your poster at the assigned position (see Figure 1).

  • Poster sessions will be held in the SAHMRI ground level atrium (right outside the auditorium).

  • Posters should be hung in the morning of the day you are presenting and taken down the same evening.

  • Prizes will be awarded for the best posters.




Figure 1. Poster board layout.



  • 10 posters from the session on Tuesday Nov. 14th and 10 from the session on Wednesday Nov. 15th will be selected for a fast forward oral presentation prior to the poster session.

  • These talks provide an excellent opportunity to explain the highlights of your research to the entire conference and to advertise your poster presentation.

Fast-forward talk format:

  • 1 slide only

  • No additional slides – but props encouraged!

  • Your slide must be pre-loaded on the morning of the fast forward session – if not your presentation will be skipped.

  • 2 sessions: Tuesday Nov. 14th and Wednesday Nov. 15th at 11.45pm. Same day as your poster session. Check which day you are presenting!

  • SAHMRI Auditorium.

  • Strict 90 secs talking time – no questions.

  • There will be prizes!