Senior Scientific Officer, Sydney

Employer: UTS

Closing date: 14 June 2018

Brief position description: A degree in a relevant area such as computing or engineering
Advanced knowledge in the use/application of Python, Arduino, and at least one other programming (eg C, C++, JavaScript, R, Matlab, Perl, or Java) 
Knowledge of software development principles and tools, including demonstrated facility with test frameworks, continuous integration, version control as well as code-level and user documentation.
Capacity to develop knowledge and understanding of high level data management, storage and archiving requirements for C3 that will conform with UTS and external repository protocols. 
Some knowledge of database and web interfaces (such as MySQL, WAMP server, PHP, Apache.NET, THREDDS and OpenDAP).
Knowledge of and experience with Arduino (or similar) microcontrollers and digital communication (e.g. I2C, CAN, SPI, RS-232, or ModBus)
Capacity to develop knowledge of data integration methods, satellite data products and processing tools, visualisation tools and data mining concepts.
Experience designing software/scripts to meet specifications provided by the eventual users
Experience with embedded system programming to read sensor data
Experience with High Performance Computing in a UNIX/Linux environment and managing the data generated

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Contact name: Catriona Reid

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