Senior Data Manager

Employer: CSL Limited

Closing date: 20th of April, 2018

Brief position description: The Opportunity

In this critical role you will overview and coordinate data storage and data handling strategy within CSL Research department and provide advice and support towards high data integrity. You will help scientists to enable data sharing and data mining within CSL Research as well as with other parts of CSL and with external collaborators such as medical authorities. In this role you will support CSL Research towards the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the IDBS Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). You will also be involved in the implementation of data standards and guide the Business Technology team to the implementation of data warehouses enriched with biomedical ontologies to support inferences on CSL Research data.

Key responsibilities include:

Develop and promote data quality strategy across the group including development of best practice guidelines.
Develop a strategy for data standardisation and governance across the Research group.
Design and lead the implementation of database systems that empowers scientists with data mining and reporting capabilities.
Educate and support scientists towards the implementation of a sound data system, and develop training materials to achieve this.
Manage and maintain the newly implemented ELN system across R&D in order to ensure the maximum benefit from using such a system.
Support ELN users in their day-to-day activities and help resolve their issues, e.g., with respect to permissions, templates, folder structure, inventory manager, dictionaries etc.
Help Research groups to develop standard data formats and templates using for example Excel, Prism, JMP, ELN or via interface applications like Shiny or Jupyter.
Identify and integrate publicly available data sources to enhance CSL knowledge of its targets/indications of interest.
Guide scientists to adhere to CSL Information Management policies and standards.
Develop strategies to manage data generated by third parties on CSL’s behalf.
Where needed, help groups with more advanced data formats like CDISC.

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