Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bacterial Genomics @ Sydney

Employer:Macquarie University

Closing date:15/09/19

Brief position description:An exciting role has become available in the Department of Molecular Sciences (MolSci) at Macquarie University, Sydney, under the supervision of Dr Amy Cain. We are currently seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bacterial Genomics to develop and contribute to multiple bacterial genomics projects across the laboratory. You will be embedded within a small, enthusiastic and focused research team and expected to run your own projects as well as contribute to the ongoing lab work within the team in order to answer large and important biological questions focusing on bacterial responses to antibiotic stress.

This will be a largely bioinformatics-based position, but will likely include laboratory components depending on the research interests and capabilities of the successful candidate. Projects span areas of research using functional genomics to study antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic mode of action, evolutionary biology, pathogen/host infection, antibiotic development, hospital outbreaks and more. Within this team, you will run your own research and work in a team across multiple projects (depending on interests and background) within the core theme of understanding how antibiotics act on various hospital ESKAPE pathogens.

You will distill biological insights from various datasets of functional genomics sequencing data from cutting-edge sequencing technologies, such as transposon-insertion sequencing, RNAseq, phenotypic arrays, microfluidics, metabolomics and FACS using network analysis, correlation analysis, and/or machine learning techniques will be confirmed and placed back into biological significance in the laboratory. You will have the opportunity to publish new methodologies in Github and work on our servers.

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Contact name:Amy Cain