Medical Research Data Scientist/ Bioinformatician (New South Wales, Australia)

Employer:Children's Medical Research Institute

Closing date:20th May 2019

Brief position description:We are seeking a suitably qualified Data Scientist/Bioinformatician to join the Bioinformatics and Data Science Research Facility. This role will involve collaborating with medical researchers from the CMRI and collaborating institutions to develop and tailor computation tools, statistical and mathematical solutions around specific research questions. It will involve engaging in experimental design, building novel algorithms or using ‘best practices’ tools to transform experimental and clinical data into relevant knowledge that may lead to actionable novel research findings or improvements to clinical decision-making. The successful applicant will have opportunities to explore and interrogate a diverse range of data, some of which include: genomics, epi-genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, structural biology, cell imaging and clinically relevant data. Additionally, the successful applicant will reside alongside highly experienced medical research data scientists/bioinformaticians and software engineers.

Job website:

Contact name:Paulina Baranowski