Senior Research Fellow, Monash University

Employer: Monash University

Closing date: 17th September 2018

Brief position description: Senior Research Fellow Bioinformatician (Level C) - 3 years fixed term

The primary purpose of this position is to work within the scope of the precision medicine team. Emphasis will be on bioinformatic and analytically focused contributions to the precision medicine research program as well as initiating independent research compatible with the overall research program. The position will also work collaboratively with research teams conducting molecular genetic analyses in oncology including clinical trials. 
A Level C research-only academic is expected to make independent or original contributions to the research effort within their field of expertise and to the organisational unit or inter-disciplinary area of which they are a part. An academic at this level is expected to play a major role in research including the exercise of some leadership in research.

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Contact name: Tu Nguyen-Dumont

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