PhD/Masters Student in Bioinformatics, Melbourne

Employer: The University of Melbourne - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Closing date: 01/11/2018

Brief position description: Evolution of breast cancer: understanding critical genomic and immune alterations in primary and metastatic breast cancer.

Understanding the cancer genome is seen as a key step in improving outcomes for cancer patients. However evolution of the cancer genome and how it evades host immunity during the natural history of lethal breast cancer is largely unknown. Some patients also have outstanding and long term responses to therapies= the biological basis behind this is also unknown. My lab is studying in detail tumour, tumor immune infiltrates and blood samples from human patients with primary and advanced breast cancers to understand these questions. We use a wide variety of cutting edge genomic techniques including next generation sequencing as well as single cell sequencing technologies. Validation of results may also occur, in vivo or in vitro as well as examining and developing novel therapeutics. I am looking for highly motivated students (Masters, PhD) interested in cancer research and improving patient outcomes from cancer: these projects may be focused on specific areas such as bioinformatics (honours and post graduate) or broadly encompass bioinformatics, immunology and molecular biology.

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Contact name: Sherene Loi

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