Summer scholarship program for undergraduate students in STEM, Melbourne

Employer: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Closing date: August 6

Brief position description: This program is open to undergraduate students in STEM to undertake a 6-week research project using data science, computer science algorithms, modeling, statistics and/or maths to answer questions in cancer using big data from genomics. 

You will work on a specific research project alongside senior scientists and other students, giving you the opportunity to apply and expand your skillset to investigate how cancer forms and help find more effective therapies for cancer. This scholarship program is a great way to gain experience in the application of STEM in real-life health sciences research.

These are paid placements for six weeks, or 30 days full-time to undertake during the summer holidays 2018-2019. You must have completed a minimum of 1 year of your undergraduate degree and be returning to undergraduate studies in 2019 to be eligible.

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Contact name: Caroline Owen

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