Research Fellow- (Quantitative geneticist/ genomicist)

Employer: James Cook University

Applications close: 26th Feb 2018

Position Overview: The Research Fellow will guide and conduct research activities within a collaborative CRC DNA project, Breeding for resistance to juvenile pearl oyster mortality syndrome (JOMS). The incumbent will primarily determine correlative factors associated with the occurrence of JOMS and gather the essential genetic knowledge required to instigate a selective breeding program within a functional pearling farm via commercial partners.

The Research Fellow will conduct research activities within the research team under the primary supervision of the project leader. The incumbent will also complete project specific administration functions, report writing and the co-supervision of postgraduate students.


Principal Accountabilities:

1. Contribute to the design and conduct of experiments, including acquisition and modelling of phenotypic / environmental data to understand tolerance to JOMS in pearl oysters.

2. Undertake quantitative genetic analyses to estimate phenotypic genetic parameters (eg., heritability, breeding values and trait correlations)

3. Undertake quantitative genetic and QTL localisation analyses to identify any genes of major effect and trait architecture.

4. Undertake bio-statistical analyses to estimate correlative relationships between JOMS resistance; and nutritional, physiological, bacterial and environmental factors.

5. Use Genotype by Sequencing (GBS) methodology, incorporating computational and statistical approaches, to determine relatedness and diversity of pearl oysters to inform a selective breeding program.

6. Co-supervise honours and higher degree research students.

7. Communicate quality research in high ranking international scientific journals and provide conceptual support to projects.

8. Utilize appropriate and current techniques/protocols in experimental laboratory management to ensure integrity, security and replicability of experimental procedures.


Contact Phone: (07) 4781 6532

Contact Name: Kyall Zenger

Contact Email: