Research Scientist in Computational & Systems Biology

Employer: CSIRO

Closing date: Sunday 11 February 2018

Brief position description: The Position
The Synthetic Biology FSP (SynBioFSP) is developing a research portfolio which will be spread across CSIRO and a wide variety of partner organisations (universities, industry, NGOs, other research organisations, etc.), both national and international. The research portfolio is dynamic and will evolve over time on the basis of strategy and performance. Research projects will sit within one or more priority Application Domains (Environment & Biocontrol, Chemicals & Fibres, Organelles & Endosymbionts) and one or more Science Domains (Integrative Biological Modelling, Engineering Novel Biological Components, Assembling Novel Biosystems, Maximising Impact). The SynBio FSP will embed a social and behavioural science agenda to address issues around social licence to operate.
In this position, you will provide systems biology and data modelling support across two research projects, one on the in-vitro resynthesis of the lichen symbiosis and the other on the design of biorthogonal redox metabolic pathways in yeast and E. coli.

Specifically you will:
- Incorporate novel approaches to scientific investigations by adapting and/or developing original concepts and ideas for new, existing and further research.
- Analyse and integrate large omics datasets, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.
- Use omics data for metabolic and regulatory network modelling.
- Provide bioinformatics support.

Location: Black Mountain, ACT, Australia
Salary: AU $95k - AU $103k plus up to 15.4% superannuation
Tenure: Specified term of 3 years
Reference: 53111

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Contact name: Cecile Gueidan

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