Postdoctoral Fellow - Environmental Genomics, QUT

Employer: Queensland University of Technology

Position title: Postdoctoral Fellow - Environmental Genomics, Science and Engineering Faculty

Closing date: 8/10/2017

Brief position description: 
Environomics—genomics for environmental science—is a frontier science that brings together advances in DNA sequencing, evolutionary biology, big-data and environmental modelling. Just as genomics has revolutionised agriculture and medicine, Environomics will shift Australia towards a whole-of-environment understanding of the genetic roots and relationships of our
biodiversity, from our evolutionary hotspots, to the trillions of microbes essential to our soils, to the genes that give plants drought tolerance. Environomics will allow us to see beyond the Australian landscape to the genescape, transforming our ability to manage our biodiversity and make use of the genetic resources locked inside.

We are seeking a capable and enthusiastic researcher, ideally with skills in biology, computing and statistics, to enable the development and application of quantitative tools and methods for metagenomic and environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis. Development of quantitative or semiquantitative methods for estimation of abundance in both metagenomics and eDNA is a key research focus. There are also research opportunities in metagenomics/eDNA analysis including genome assembly; clustering; search; sparse matrix analysis; visualization; and linking phenotype, space, time and abundance. In addition, we are looking for a researcher who can work with and manage very large datasets that include a mix of legacy and current (i.e., recently changing) data.

Within this breadth of possible research paths, the exact focus of the collaborative research will be determined in conjunction with CSIRO and QUT project leaders, and in consideration of how the appointee could best contribute. With this in mind, we are looking for someone who can add to our ideas and help shape the project’s research agenda.

We are looking for someone with the personal attributes and (ideally) experience to collaborate well with a range of stakeholders from different disciplines across QUT and CSIRO.

This position will sit within the School’s Data Science Discipline whose research focuses on computational methods for the analysis and understanding of the relationships embedded within large-scale data sets, including genomic and metagenomic samples.

This work is funded by the CSIRO Environomics Future Science Platform:

To view a full copy of the position description and to apply for the position please click on the link below.   Applications close on 8 October 2017.

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