Regional events

ABACBS organises and supports a number of regional events each year. These include:

  • Sydney Bioinformatics Research Symposium, which is organised as a sub-committee of ABACBS
  • Melbourne events
    • In 2017, ABACBS co-sponsored Joining the Dots: The Art and Science of Visualisation. This brought together data users from anywhere and everywhere on the research spectrum to share what’s in their data visualisation toolbox, exchange thoughts on effective visualisations, and go away inspired to create compelling visualisations of their data.
    • It's envisaged that the Melbourne bioinformatics and computational biology community will benefit from diverse events focused on different aspects of our science and craft each year.
  • So far, ABACBS social meetups have been held in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Members interested in organising events focused on developing the regional community can contact the society executive.