Committees and roles

Executive committee

The current ABACBS executive committee consists of:

  • Tony Papenfuss (President; 2014-)
  • Aaron Darling (Vice-President; 2017-)
  • Annette Mcgrath (Treasurer; 2017-)
  • Joshua Ho (Secretary; 2016-)
  • Alan Rubin (Post-doctoral Representative; 2016-)
  • Leah Roberts (Student Representative; 2017-)
  • Roxane Legaie (Professional Bioinformatician Representative; 2017-)
  • Nicola Armstrong (Ordinary member; 2016-)
  • Alicia Oshlack (Ordinary member; 2017-)

Past executive members

  • Ashley Waardenberg (Vice-President; 2014-2017)
  • Liam Fearnley (ECR Representative; 2016)
  • David Lovell (Secretary; 2014-2016)
  • Andrew Lonsdale (Student Rep; 2014-2016)
  • Melissa Davis (Treasurer; 2014-2017)
  • David Lynn (Ordinary member; 2016-2017)
  • Harriet Dashnow (Student Representative; 2016-2017)

COMBINE student sub-committee

  • President: Leah Roberts
  • Vice President: Zac Gerring
  • Treasurer: Klay Saunders
  • Media and communications: Shila Ghazanfar, Luke Zappia and Glen van den Bergen
  • Training: Soroor Hediyeh-Zadeh
  • ABACBS student representative: Harriet Dashnow

The COMBINE website is here.

Education and training sub-committee

Chair: Annette McGrath
Members:  Bruno Gaeta, Maria Doyle, Katherine Champ, Richard Edwards, Sonika Tyagi, Kim-Anh le Cao, Soroor Zadeh (COMBINE Rep), Harriet Dashnow (ABACBS Exec Rep)

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ABACBS-2018 Conference Organising Committee

Co-convenors: Melissa Davis & Tony Papenfuss

ABACBS-2017 Conference Organising Committee

Convenor: David Lynn

ABACBS-2016 Conference Organising Committee

Co-conveners: David Lovell, Tony Parker & Nic Waddell

ABACBS-2015 Conference Organising Committee

Co-conveners: Nicola Armstrong & Richard Edwards

National conference coordinator

Mirana Ramialison