We are pleased to announce that COMBINE and ABACBS 2017 will be held in Adelaide, hosted at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), 13-15 November, 2017.

  • Monday 13th November - COMBINE Student Symposium
  • Tuesday 14th - Wednesday 15th November - ABACBS Conference

Put it in your diary now!

We would also like to thank those that have volunteered for the 2017 conference organising committee:

  • David Lynn (EMBL Australia Group Leader, SAHMRI/Flinders) – Chair/Conference Convener
  • David Adelson (Chair of Bioinformatics, University of Adelaide)
  • Karin Kassahn (Head Technology Advancement Unit, SA Pathology)
  • Andreas Schreiber (Head of Bioinformatics, Centre for Cancer Biology)
  • John Williams (JS Davies Research Professor, University of Adelaide)
  • Mirana Ramialison (Group Leader, Monash) - ABACBS National Conference Co-ordinator
  • Ute Baumann (Bioinformatics Group Leader, University of Adelaide, Waite Campus)
  • Katherine Pillman (Research Associate, Centre for Cancer Biology)
  • Atma Ivancevic (PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide)
  • Steve Pederson (Bioinformatics Hub, University of Adelaide)
  • Klay Saunders (PhD Candidate, University of South Australia) – COMBINE Student Symposium Representative
  • Alan Rubin (Postdoctoral Researcher, WEHI) – Representative of the 2018 organising committee